About Us

BAM is a symbol of trust, a measure of perfection and the promise of consistency.
Best Angola Metal (BAM) was registered as a Private Limited Company in Republic of Angola in March 2005 by National Agency for Private Investment (ANIP - Agência Nacional para o Investimento Privado).
Mr. Vinodray Kapasi, the Director General of the Company, a Belgium-based NRI and Director, had visited Republic of Angola in January 2003.
By realizing the great potentiality of the country has for production and commercial activities, he had made up his mind to set up a steel re-rolling project in Angola with further expansion plans to other industries and commercial activities.
With a significant investment of his own, he then joined hands with M/s. BTC Worldwide F.Z.C., Ajman, Deira Dubai, U.A.E., a Dubai-based company engaged in all types of metal business, trading, ship-breaking including undersea deep-water operations with professional divers-cum-gas cutters, etc. across the world.
M/s. BTC Worldwide is holding a major stake in the Company now. 
Mr. Gunvantrai Kapasi, Jt. Director General of the Company and a businessman from India is another significant stake holder in the Company.
The Company has invested million Dollars till now for setting up the projects, infrastructure development, vehicles for transportation, civil construction and electrifications, plant and machinery, warehousing facilities, etc. The investment will be increased multi-fold in the years ahead.
BAM is emerging as a versatile manufacturer, capable of producing high quality products. The Company caters to a wide variety of product segments including construction, roofing, automobiles, oil and gas, ship breaking and cutting, under water gas cutting up to 50 mtrs, fabrication etc.
Every single product that rolls out of the plants, guarantees that it has been produced conform to the international standards in process, technology and precision.

All things will be produced in superior quantity and quality, and with greater ease, when each man works at a single occupation, in accordance with his natural gifts, and at the right moment, without meddling with anything else. - Plato

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  • Specialization in Ship Breaking Business
  • Experts in Under Water Gas Cutting
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  • Industrial Gas Project
  • Plastic Tank manufacturing project
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