Plants : Luanda


Rolling Mill Plant: The BAM has installed its first project of producing TMT steel bars in various sizes of 6 mm to 12 mm diameter in this city (capital of Angola). The Luanda has wide sources of raw materials. The plant is being producing steel bars 20 to 25 Tons per day.

Oxygen Gas Plant: The BAM has put its project of Oxygen gas plant which is running and producing 600 cylinders per day.

Aluminum Melting Furnace: The BAM has projected recently this plant which is melting aluminum scrap and converting into the aluminum ingots. At BAM, there is a laboratory with spectrometer which determines the quality of aluminum.

Copper Furnace: The BAM has put copper melting furnace in which copper scrap is being melting and converting into Ingots.

Lead Furnace: The Company has installed Lead furnace in which Lead scrap is being melted for making in ingots.

Crucible Furnace: The BAM has small crucible furnace for aluminum scrap and Lead and making aluminum and Lead ingots.

Workshop: The BAM has having workshop of all kind of machines like lath machine, shaping machine, drilling machine, threading machine, Milling machine, Planner, grinding machine etc.



Oxygen & Nitrogen Gas Plant: The BAM has put its Oxygen gas plant in VIANA which is running and producing 600 cylinders per day.

Acetylene Gas Plant: The BAM has installed another industrial gas acetylene plant of 45 / hour. It has capacity to produce 150 to 180 cylinders per day.


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