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Supply of other Industrial Gases:

During our market research, we also came to know that oil companies are frequently requires various kind of industrial gases like Argon 99.99%, Argon 99.995%, Propane, Freon 13.7 Kgs and Freon 22 Kgs, Hydrogen, CO2, Fire Extinguisher Cylinders, not only in Luanda but also in soyo and in Cabinda where most of biggest oil companies are running. So we have started to supply all this kind of gas cylinders to these oil companies like SONANGOL, TOTAL E & P, PETROMAR, ENI – ANGOLA, SAIPEM, CHEVRON, HALLIBURTON, SUBSEAS7, FMC – TECHNOLOGIES, BP, CAMEROUN,


  1. Rolling mill for producing steel bars
  2. Aluminium foundry for alu. scrap recycling
  3. Copper and Lead furnace for copper and lead scrap recycling
  4. Oxygen, Nitrogen and Acetylene gas producing plant
  5. BAM groups’ biggest project Plastica Angola, Lda where plastic is recycling and producing more than 350 plastic articles with men power of 400 people.

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