Battery Lead Recycling

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Old Batteries: These batteries are recycled in a specialized “room temperature,” mechanical separation process where the battery components are separated into 3 end products. These items are a) Zinc & Manganese Concentrate, b) Steel, c) Paper & Plastic. All of these products are put back into the market place for reuse in new products. The batteries are 100% recycled. Best Angola Metal has Battery Lead Smelting Plants, installed in Luanda.  The Battery Lead Scrap is smelted and transformed into Battery Ingots for production of new batteries.

BEST ANGOLA METAL transforms the Waste to the Best:

Battery contains three different materials, like; Plastic, Lead and Acid, so our recycling follows the following process:

  1. Lead – is removed from the battery and put to rotary furnace with coal for recycling in Battery Melting Plant, the lead is transformed into ingot for manufacturing of new batteries raw materials;
  2. Plastic – is removed from the battery, washed and shredded and recycled to granule, and then we send to our plastic company – Plástica Angola, Lda to produce new Buckets used in construction;  
  3. Acid – we recycle for internal use, or when the acid is not needed, we burn in furnace.

Resuming and concluding, Best Angola Metal as a recycling specialised company, does not leave any waste during the recycling process, of course, wastes are the raw material of our productive elements.