Plastic Recycling

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Plastics In 2011, only 8% of the total plastic waste generated was recovered for recycling. Because plastic is inexpensive, has a low density, and varies a great deal in chemical composition, plastic recycling is in its infancy. Also, because plastic is porous and retains contaminants, it often cannot be reused for the same purpose. For example, plastic from milk jugs will not be reused to make milk jugs. Milk jugs can be shredded, processed into pellets, mixed with other plastic, and used to make other products such as flower pots, plastic strapping for shipping, and new detergent bottles. Soda bottles are used primarily for polyester fiber, fiberfil, carpets, or remade into plastic bottles. Best Angola Metal sister company – Plástica Angola produces more than 500 hundred different plastic items.

 BEST ANGOLA METAL transforms the Waste to the Best: