Steel Industry

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Iron and steel have been recycled since the beginning of their use. Steel mills have different capabilities in using scrap metal. Older mills can use 28-50% scrap with the rest being virgin material. Best Angola Metal has Steel Industry, installed in Luanda.  The Ferrous Metal Scrap is heat and transformed into 6mm to 12mm TMT Bars, applicable in the civil construction projects. The first Steel Industry – Rolling Mill Plant is installed in the municipality of Cazenga – Luanda.

Apart from the first Rolling Mill Plant installed in the year 2008, in the Municipality of Cazenga – Luanda, and Soyo – Zaire, there is another Rolling mill that will produce the “Re-bars used in the civil constructions, from 6mm to 12mm, this sizes tend to increase in near future (2023), with the installation of a modern Steel Industry that is being installed the Developing Industrial Pole of Viana. The new technology of Automatic Rolling Mills with Capacity of 100.000MT per year, and, we hope to be the first or second Leading Manufacturer of Fe 500 TMT Bars in ANGLOA Market from the year 2024.

BEST ANGOLA METAL transforms the Waste to the Best: