Our History

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In the year 2002, the two brothers left India and came to Angola, for business market study and survey of necessities to participate in the social and economic development of the country (Angola). After their market study, concluded that, there was no any company dealing with scrap, and there were much scraps on the street and many shipwrecks lying/sunk/sleeping/abandoned in the beaches of Luanda and other provinces of Angola, including Lobito, Soyo and Cabinda. Also, during their market study found out that many Oil Companies where needing  Industrial Gases and other services suppliers, therefore, they decided to start scrap business to establish Steel Industry to produce re-bars recycled from shipwrecks, applicable in the civil construction, and set Industrial Gases Plants to supply Gases and provide several services to Oil Companies.

The Legal promoters of the Project of Best Angola Metal are Mr Vinodray Himatlal Kapasi, and his bother Mr Gunvantrai Himatlal Kapasi, both from Indian Nationality. Yet from India, from younger age, started the General Trading Business – Import & Export, in a family company and then started the shipbreaking operations, having gained wide experience along the years. In 70s, travelled to Europe – Belgium and other countries, where they have also developed business. In 90s, they travelled to many countries of Africa for business.