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"Best Angola Metal: A Success Story of Sustainable Ship Breaking and Economic Development in Angola"

In 2002, Mr. Vinu Kapasi, founder of Best Angola Metal, came to Angola from India to explore business opportunities and identify ways to contribute to the country’s social and economic development. He quickly discovered a gap in the market for scrap metal and saw the potential for ship breaking operations in a country that had an abundance of shipwrecks on its beaches.

With years of experience in the scrap business and ship breaking operations from his family company in India, Mr. Kapasi founded Best Angola Metal in 2004. The company started by collecting scrap metal from the streets of Luanda and quickly gained a reputation for providing services to 90% of oil companies based in Sonils, Kwanda, and Malongo.

As a result of Mr. Kapasi’s expertise in ship breaking, Best Angola Metal was also contracted for ship breaking operations. However, unlike traditional ship breaking practices that often result in environmental degradation and harm to workers, Best Angola Metal is committed to sustainable ship breaking practices. The company follows the guidelines set by the Basel Convention on the environmentally sound management of ship dismantling and ensures that all hazardous materials and liquids are removed before disassembly.

Best Angola Metal’s ship breaking process is also socially responsible. The company provides jobs for Angolans and offers training programs to ensure that workers have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their jobs safely and effectively. The company also follows international labor standards and offers competitive wages and benefits to its workers.

Today, Best Angola Metal is a leading steel industry company that produces re-bars recycled from shipwrecks, applicable in civil construction. Its success story is a testament to the transformative impact that a visionary entrepreneur can make on a country’s economic development. Through sustainable and socially responsible business practices, Best Angola Metal has not only contributed to Angola’s economic growth but also created a model for responsible ship breaking that can be replicated in other parts of the world.


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Best Angola Metal: Leading the Way in Ship Breaking Operations in Angola

Best Angola Metal, founded by Mr Vinu Kapasi, is a renowned name in the scrap business and shipbreaking operations in Angola. The company started its journey by collecting scraps on the streets of Luanda and went on to become the leading service provider for about 90% of Oil Companies based in Sonils, Kwanda, and Malongo.

With Mr Vinu Kapasi’s extensive experience in ship breaking operations from India, Best Angola Metal was contracted to start ship breaking operations in Angola. The company has been operating onshore and offshore operations with expertise, making it the most experienced company in ship breaking operations in Angola.

Whenever there is a possibility to cut the ship out of water, Best Angola Metal initially takes the vessels to a dry dock or a pier. A dry dock is considered more environmentally friendly as it contains all spillage and can easily be cleaned up. However, floating is a cheaper option than a dry dock.

Best Angola Metal’s success can be attributed to its team of 40 foreign technicians with extensive experience from India. These experts have played a crucial role in the company’s shipbreaking operations, ensuring that all hazardous materials and liquids are removed before disassembly, and all materials are stripped down to a bare hull with objects cut free using saws, grinders, abrasive cutting wheels, hand-held shears, plasma, and gas torches.

In conclusion, Best Angola Metal’s commitment to environmental sustainability, expertise, and experienced team has made it the leading company in ship breaking operations in Angola.