Joint-Venture Companies

Best Angola Recycling recycles scrap metals and plastic, produces industrial gases, and is a service provider to oil companies. Best Angola Multigas produces industrial gases and services oil companies.

Sister Companies

Plástica Angola produces over 500 household and industrial plastic items. Best Angola Comercial specializes in General Trading - Import and Export. Both companies are based in Luanda, Angola.

Moto Business

The Group has diversified its business portfolio to include textiles, tiles, automobile oils, vehicle tyres, chemical and safety equipment, industrial gases, and plastic items. They offer a wide range of products, from roto plastic tanks to industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and argon.

Industrial Root

The Group operates a variety of plants, including an oxygen and nitrogen plant, acetylene plant, aluminum foundry, rolling mill plant, plastic shredding machine, battery lead recycling plant, and plastic plant. They produce industrial and hospital gases, recycled steel re-bars, and a wide range of plastic items for household and industrial use.

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The Benefits of Working with Best Angola Metals's Metal Industry
Angola's diversified metal business portfolio and abundant resources offer good opportunities for the production of high-quality metal products for the global market.
Best Angola Metal's Role in Africa's Metal Market:
With modern facilities and skilled workers, Angola is poised to play a significant role in Africa's growing metal market.
Sustainability in Best Angola Metal's Industry
We are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility by recycling old materials and reducing waste.
Metal Recycling
BEST ANGOLA METAL is a great and specialized in ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling company founded in 2004, in Luanda – Angola with knowledgeable and expert staff help make every scrapping experience simple and rewarding. We give the right and perfect destination of the wastes we collect by making the right treatment, recycling and producing new materials for reuse.
Innovation in Metal Industry:
Continuous investment in new manufacturing technology, such as the recently installed automatic rolling mill plant, propels Angola's metal industry forward, making it competitive in the global metal market.

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